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One of the paradoxes of our times is that we have never been this much connected, and yet with so little face to face social interactions. We have build virtual worlds that can bridge our isolation, but along the way we have also lost some of the values of having closer contact in person. Reminiscens is about creating an opportunity for social interaction in a face-to-face scenario, engaging people to further stay together by providing food for talk. And it does so around the one thing that makes us all special: our life stories. Everyone has got one to tell, and when we do so, we love to do it face to face. What if you could not only tell your story, but also discover cool pieces of information around them? Reminisces will aid this discovery by searching and collecting this information for you, when you are sitting with friends sharing your story. And, in the same place, it will also provide the means to find and reconnect with old friends who had shared some of those great stories with us.

Want to hear a cool life story? Reminiscens itself has got one! This tool was born, and is growing still, from a participatory design experience where an amazing group of people has been engaging with us during this year to help us understand their needs and expectations, while at the same time participating of our design process through workshops and other activities. There is still a long way ahead of us, and reminiscens will surely keep changing for the best. See below one of the Workshop videos to have a feeling on how are we working to design it.
Take a look to this summary of one of our participatory design workshops!
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