how to play 
4 Objects { spades (♠), hearts (), diamonds (), clubs (♣) } fall down from top to the bottom of the playground. Once the object overlapped with its corresponding button, you need to press on that button to catch the object and earn the score.

If you are using a touch device, you need to simply tap on the buttons. If you are using a computer with a mouse, click on the button and it works the same.

Duration of the game:
105 seconds

Every time you catch an object, you will see an immediate feedback. The feedbacks are shown as Green (precise) and Yellow (too early, too late) Spades in the middle of the playground. Green Spades have 1 score and Yellow Spades have 0.5. At the end of the game, you will get the total score out of 100.

Try to sync with the song and tap the buttons with the beat rate of the music.
Look how simple playing is!
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