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Recently US census bureau reported that in 10 years elderly people will outnumber children under five for the first time in history. Europe will be the greyest continent, with 23 of the world's 25 oldest countries. By 2040, more than one in four European is expected to be at least 65, and one in seven at least 75 years old. Such demographic change will bring new burdens on caregivers and social service providers. Health services, insurances, and pensions systems will also be affected by this new pattern of work and retirement.

In that context, we aim to support the aging process with wellness. For that, we propose an Active Lifestyle App, that is, an active, social instrument to support elders to obtain personalized physical exercise advice to improve their strength and balance, and consequently their health, quality of life, and independency to perform simple daily activities. We leverage on an iPad app that provides dedicated exercise training plans, and enable us to monitor and analyze elders' compliance and progress toward the plan. Sharing such results with healthcare professionals (e.g., doctors, caregivers, or physiotherapists), friends (e.g., possible elders too), and relatives eventually motivate them to reach better performance results. Yet, more important, allow such professionals and the old people to become co-producers of their individual wellness.
Have a look on the second study we just started in Zürich, Switzerland.
Very soon we will have more results!
This is just the start! Very soon we will incorporate more interesting and useful features to assist elderly to be more physically and mentally active. Due to that, the Active Lifestyle App will be continuously updated and improved, since it is the starting point of our work.
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